Hello and welcome to Bollywood, your source of Bollywood (hindi) karaoke tracks. We are a small company where employees do what they love the most - Music and Masti.

Let's face it, whether we are a natural singer or not, whether we have a good voice or not, we all love to sing. Some people like to sing in public, some like to sing when they are alone, some like to sing in bathrooms (a.k.a. bathroom singers), some do it in their head, some just hummm. We are pretty sure you belong to one or more of these categories.

Have you ever tried to sing with the instruments? The joy of singing with the instruments is thousand times more than singing without instruments and atleast million times more than humming. If you don't believe us, try our sample tracks and experience it yourself.

We sell Bollywood karaoke tracks in CD+G format and DVD formats. You can buy individual tracks on a customized CD/DVD or buy our compilation of discs that you would love. Our karaoke discs are great for professionals, amateur singers, or anyone who likes singing and loves MASTI :)

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