1. How do I order & pay for the discs?
We accept credit cards, eCheck & PayPal. We are PayPal verified. All payments are secure and guaranteed by PayPal. The transactions are processed by PayPal and we do not capture any personal information provided by you. Buy with confidence.
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2. How do you ship the discs?
The standard shipping option is first class USPS parcel mail. This option comes with delievery/tracking information for shipping anywhere in USA. Delivery/Tracking is not available with standard shipping to addresses outside USA.

Expedited shipping is based on the best possible option offered by USPS. The discs are shipped within 24 hours of the order. We cannot provide the exact date but will make every to get the discs to you in the shortest possible time. If you would like to get an estimate contact us by email (info@bwkaraoke.com)
3. Do you offer expedited shipping by FEDEX/UPS?
Yes we do offer expedited shipping - obviously there is an additional charge. Contact us by email and we can find the best and cheapest option available.

In the past we have used FEDEX, & UPS to ship out to UK, France, Canada & India
4. What is CDG, CD+G, CD-G, CD Graphics?
A CD+G (also known as CD+Graphics) is a special audio compact disc that contains graphics data in addition to the audio data on the disc. The disc can be played on a regular audio CD player, but when played on a Karaoke or CDG/CD+G player, you get a graphics signal that can be hooked to TV or built-in screen. Typically, the CD+G player is hooked up to a television set or a computer monitor; these graphics are almost exclusively used to display lyrics on a television set for karaoke performers to sing along with.
5. What is the difference between CDGs, & DVDs?
CDG is a disc format for Karaoke players - in other words you need a karaoke player to play the CDG discs.

DVD is a regular DVD that can be played on any standard DVD player.

For both CDG & DVD the output is the same - lyrics on a monitor or TV screen and music.
6. What is this Gift Option?
We can send a personalized Karaoke disc to the music lover in your life. There are various options available - currently this option is not available.
7. How is custom Disc different?
For custom disc you decide the tracks and the format. For the regular disc the tracks are already selected/fixed. This option will be available in future.
8. Do you ship internationally? How about Canada & UK?
We do ship internationally; for outside US, UK and CANADA please contact us for the shipping cost.

Yes we do ship to Canada and UK. We use USPS international mail.
9.Can I play a CDG/CD+G disc on the regular CD player?
10. How many tracks are there on the CDG/DVD discs?
A single DVD/CDG disc holds 7 to 12 tracks.
11.Do you sell only hindi/bollywood CDG/DVD?

Yes we exclusively sell Bollywood music CDG and DVD with lyrics.
12. What is on the Karaoke DVD?
DVD has the on screen lyrics and the music track. It DOES NOT have the movie video. Check out the samples - DVD has similar layout. You can use the DVD menu to select the track you want to play.
13. Do you give a download option?
As of today, we do not offer our karaoke tracks in downloadable format.
14. How many days it take to get the custom disc?
Anywhere from 2 week to 5 weeks. Currently custom disc option is not avilable.
15. What is Karaoke?
The word "karaoke" comes from the Japanese word ?Kara? which means empty, and "Oke" (Okesutora), which means orchestra. Rather than include both vocals and music, karaoke tracks will be without lead vocals. The lead vocals are provided by the performer singing the karaoke song!
16. Do you have some samples?
Yes - checkout our samples on the website.


If you don't see the answer to your question please feel free to send us an email at question@BwKaraoke.com *OR* use the online form here.